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     A groundswell of concern, fear and in many cases hardship has brought together a wide coalition of community members to promote housing stability.


     In Pacifica rents have risen astronomically and evictions have been evident in many places like Pacific Skies Estates and other rental communities as a result of an extreme lack of housing in the bay area. 

     Unlike homeowners and rental property owners, renters lack predictable housing expenses.  Most people are surprised to learn that Landlords can increase rent (for month to month renters or at the end of a lease) by any amount they choose as often as they like. They are also free to evict any tenant for any reason or no reason.  Home owners and Rental Property owners, however, are protected by a fixed rate mortgages and Prop 13, ensuring they have predictable housing expenses.


     The result of the pressure on the housing market is widespread and often catastrophic to renters.  The community is seeing local teachers, nurses, the elderly, veterans and most young people being priced out of our community. Families are finding they can no longer live near each other in our city.

-Predictable rent increases tied to cost of living increases. Once a tenant vacates a property the property owner is free to raise the rent to any level they choose for the new tenant.


-Just cause eviction. This insures that landlords can’t just evict renters (as they can now) to raise the rent.  Of course if the landlord affirms there is a just cause they will be evicted.


-Relocation funds benefits – this is offered to renters when eviction is no fault of their own (for example when the owner or owner’s relatives want to move into the property) and usually covers moving costs and first, last and deposit.


-A moratorium on rent increases until the policies are in place to prevent even more evictions and huge rent increases in anticipation of the policies.


Pacifica Housing 4 All is devoted to supporting all efforts to expand affordable housing in Pacifica. Our efforts include working with the City of Pacifica and the Pacifica Resource Center to house the homeless, including those living in vehicles and RVs.


We hope to partner with churches and non-profits to find places the homeless can stay without the worry of sleeping or parking illegally in the city.

We have and will continue to support candidates for city council who work to help the less
fortunate in Pacifica and who refuse to accept campaign donations from real estate organizations who have contributed to the problem.


Core Values of PH4A regarding those who are homeless:

We are passionate in our belief that housing is a human right; not a privilege.

We realize that people need to be housed in order to bring about changes that will
empower them to reach their full potential.


We strongly believe that the majority of people are homeless because of many forces
such as, but not limited to, wealth inequality, unjust practices of lending institutions and greed of the real estate industry.


We do not condone blaming the victim.

We feel it is a moral responsibility to speak up when others are perpetuating dehumanizing stereotypes or spreading misinformation about any group.

We work for and support leaders who will work for policies that are compassionate,
inclusive, and just for all.

Call to Action

-Attend City Council meetings to voice your concern


-Like Fair Rents 4 Pacifica’s Facebook page, comment and sign the petition


-Canvas neighborhoods to educate people about the problem and ask for support


-Organize presentations in your clubs, churches, etc. to help spread awareness

-Contact Fair Rents 4 Pacifica to find out more!

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