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-change school start time

-implement school bus program

-improve Internet-based program for parents carpooling

-“walking school bus”

-"Park and Walk”

Pacificans for Highway 1 Alternatives (PH1A) advocates alternatives to widening Highway 1 in Pacifica. There are less costly, more environmentally friendly and faster ways to safely move people on Highway 1. The Caltrans-proposed Calera Parkway widening project has been abandoned, in part because PH1A and others sued Caltrans in Federal Court and won. The Pacifica City Council passed a resolution in September 2017  asking that Caltrans abandon the widening project. Caltrans sent a letter saying that it had decertified the Final Environmental Impact Report and vacated the project approval in December 2017.


Some of the alternatives to widening which PH1A has discussed are:

• pedestrian overpass/underpass near Reina Del Mar

• frontage road through the quarry


• add shoulders


• intelligent traffic signals


• improved bus service 


• incentivize car/van pooling using an app


• school and district changes:

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